Search Engine Result Pages [SERPs]- How does it works?

Search Engine Result Pages



Ever wonder how Google shows results within seconds? Whenever we search something we get the best result in their top SERP Page ( Search Engine Result Page).

You have a business, you started a website or blog after you realise there are millions of websites out there and you want to be in the top of search results like everyone else and you start to find the ways for it.

Then you stumbled upon the idea of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which companies spends millions of dollars every year for their websites to be on the top of Search results.

You can see all the top companies in your niche on the first page of Google. Have you ever wondered how they reached there? Here comes the importance of SERPs aka Search Engine Result Pages.

How to be on top of the SERP page? Every newbie thinks and searches for it and most of them end up with easy ways like black hat tactics ( which only do good for a while but will soon permanently down your site).

We will learn more about SEO and how to be on Google’s top pages on later posts, this article is to understand the basics of SERPs.

Search Engines like Google and Yahoo use their different algorithms (equations ) to measure the site’s data like their rank, contents, relevance of the contents and backlinks ( quality links from other sites)

Measurement of all these results are what we see every time we search for something.

All this happen within few seconds;

See the below image:  For the query “Search Engine Optimisation“, Results showed 59 Million results within 0.84 sec that’s pretty damn fast.

Search Engine Optimisation

But actually Google has already indexed these pages and they only show those results. If you think it’s not a big thing to show already indexed ones then just imagine the number of search queries that Google deals with daily. Shocked?

On an average, Google handles about 40,000 search queries per second that calculate up to 3.5 billion searches a day and 1.2 trillion searches a year. Out of this, a majority of the search will be new. There is no wonder why Google remains as World’s best search engine; it’s so advanced to an extent we can’t even imagine.

Earlier, there were no competitions among SERPs and what those SERPs had to do was just stuff their keyword into the website and that was it! It would be indexed and we could see the search results.

Nowadays, all these methods will only penalize the site, so in the race to become First, we need to hustle to be on the top pages.

There is a famous joke: ” The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google because no one will look over there “.

Ever thought about how you search something?

If we couldn’t find something on the first page, we usually change the search keyword. Nobody cares if your business is featured on the second page and the number of sales you will get. The first page: second-page ratio is quite high compared to the second page.

When everyone tried to be on the first-page, search engines started to evolve algorithm changes. Search bots become clever, they started to look for relevant contents, contents that solve a problem page that load faster page that shows good on mobile searches.

Use of smartphones again changes the algorithm since more people are browsing using their phones. This brings the idea of a ‘responsive design’ which has become one of the major ranking factors.

How does it work?

So; How does the search engine show results for your query within seconds?

Search Engine mainly do two Jobs that’s crawling and indexing;

When something is uploaded to the world wide web, the search engine starts to index the pages. The bots/spiders which do this job are known as crawler bots. ( publisher can allow bots to either index the pages or not on their website)

When a crawler bot reaches a website it starts to index everything there that allows to index and copy it to a huge indexing database it has.

As the webpage updates with new links and information, the bots repeatedly index it and keep it.

When a user searches a related query that the webpage has; the search engine brings all details of that website along with thousands or millions of results pages.

How they arrange depends on various factors of which some of them have been already mentioned above in this article. The word SERPs usually means the first page of the search engine; where everyone would love to reach.

Google SERPs

When it comes to Search Engines, Google is the top player. Google uses many factors to rank the web pages. They won’t disclose much about these factors.

Over the years, Google came up with many algorithms to make the user easier to get the search results.

A study from Moz found that; Google makes more than 500 Algorithm changes every year. This means there is a revision of search tastes more than 500 times and it’s affecting all websites ranking for sure.

Imagine World Wide Web as a Library. When the size of books (links in case of Web) increase, the methods to sort them are also updated to ensure the availability of all Books.

Google’s aim is to provide best search results that people want, for that they are drastically changing their algorithms.

One day meta description might be the focus and the other day it might change to link building; however, we can’t predict what they are going to change next.

But White hat SEO strategies always stays same and will always do good for the site.

Over the past years, Google has brought lots of major security changes and every new update have different names like Google Hummingbird, Google Mobile-Friendly Update, Google Panda Update, Penguin Update, etc. You can also see Moz’s posts about algorithm changes here.

Each algorithm changes are for different purposes, for example, the Hummingbird update is for content speed and Accuracy.


We discussed Search Engine Result Pages aka SERPs and gave an idea of how search engines work and how they give results.

Although there are a lot of search engine algorithm changes happening, if you create quality contents regularly it will start to pay you off eventually like Bill gates said; ” Content is King “.

Try to help your customer needs with blog posts. If the users love your posts, they will start to share it and you will get a good quality organic traffic which will improve the ranking of the site soon.

Like others, you will also be on the top of SERPS. Without hustle, nobody can achieve anything. Even if you have achieved, it won’t stay for long.

The same thing is applicable to SEO. Start to do good SEO strategies, build your new methods, experiment it and if it works, share your methods with others.

Always write for users, not for search engine;

Make most out of your website and include social presence like Facebook pages and other social media accounts for your business. That is a way you can drive more traffic to your site and make more sales too.

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