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Why you should establish your business’s online presence

Why you should establish your business’s online presence


Welcome to the new Digital era most Businessmen already established their Online Presence they started a website and other Social media works and making more Income than before.

Why are you waiting for?

Still not convinced or not understanding how things work? Well then let’s learn together;

Still many of the business persons shutting the door of online methods because they are still stuck with their orthodox routines.

Well, time changed your already late it’s now or never situation, you may be the best pizza maker in the city or biggest shoemaker in your area but how you improve your business more?

If you are fine with what you have now then it’s not ok you won’t able to maintain your business like before,

How your business became popular? Someone tasted your items or used your service and they loved it and they went to their family meetings or friends meet and said about your products and service and there you go more customers.

But now it doesn’t work that way people not even spending much time with their family study shows that an average Person spends more time online than spending with their families.

Now if they want pizza or anything they just take their smartphone and search where I can get the best pizza in my area.

Even if you make better pizza than others the one has a website and online presence will get more sales due to this.

Still, if you think you are not a technical expert you don’t know how to maintain a website heck there are hundreds of agencies which does this work for you,

Even you can find someone who does all your work online you can go to sites like Freelancer or Upwork and find a person who builds your site at an affordable price.

Even you can start your WordPress site without much technical knowledge. It’s easy and simple. If you want I can build one for you, you can use my contact field to connect with me.

Google My Business

The most important thing a businessman should need to do is sign up for Google My Business and give the details of your business. Even if you don’t have a website you can still let people find you via Google My Business option.

When we search for something on our area like a bookstore in my area first result we stumble upon will be Google My Business.

With the help of GPS, My Business option gives the best results out there.

That makes Google My Business unique and people love to use.

Creating your Business page on Google My Business

Unlike making a website creating a Google My Business page is simple like creating a Facebook Account.

All you need is one Gmail Account to create a Google My Business listing;

Yes, you heard it right! it’s completely free

To create your Business Page go to Google My Business.

Google My Business

You will see a Page like this click on Start Now Option. Followed by you will reach an Editing field about your Business.

Google My Business Set Up

Give Authentic details about your Business, if you don’t have a Website you can leave that field ( I highly recommend you to start a Website and add that field ).

After filling all fields then add attractive photos of your business, you don’t need to become a Professional or need DSLR Camera to take good quality Images of your Business.

Your Smartphone is enough to take good pics.

Pro Tips

  • Google My Business List your company or business using GPS locations and other fields. So make sure you give accurate location data about your Business place.
  • If there are many competitors in your area then the listing mostly done by the number of positive reviews and ratings.
  • In this case, ask your customers to post a review of your business. It doesn’t cost you anything if you ask a hundred customers at least ten of them will give you the reviews that are enough to give you good rankings in My Business.
  • When somebody posts a review whether it is a good or bad response to it. If someone doesn’t like your product or service apologise to them and offer them remedies. This way you can create more happy customers.
  • Update your Google My Page with pics and information regularly to attract more visitors.

Advantages of Online Presence

Whether you are selling products or service it’s best to start Online service for it. For example, if you make products like groceries then you should start your own website and start the online sale. which will make you more customers.

If you are providing services then start online Appointment services via your website and this will solve the waiting issue of customers outside your salon or any service shop.

Nobody likes to wait for hours if you start an online Appointment service and allow time for everyone it will improve your customer service and you can make a lot of new customers.

People are lazy you, me everyone want things in front of their doorstep so building an Online Presence is the only way to be at the top of your competition.

Online Presence is not limiting with a website or Google My Business sky is the limit.

You can do many things like creating Facebook Page about your Business and ask your regular customers to review and like your Page.

It’s true that everyone you ask is not going to do it but still some people will do it and seeing their feed friends of them also get notified about your Page and thus it will grow more customers.

You don’t have to do all this regularly since you are busy with works when you free only you need to do Like weekends and all.

Or even you can hire someone to do all these works for you. Or if you spend some of your free time it only improve your online presence on the web and twice the customers and sales.

Last but not least visit your competitor’s Website and learn how they react to customers and how they managing the website. And execute it on your site don’t just copy them try to do better than them.

Always react to customer comments and try to help them using your website. If you can solve customer queries and needs, using your online platforms it will improve your business soon.


Updating with the technology changes is a necessary thing now. To improve your business you should start your online presence. Starting a website is very simple now. You don’t need to be an expert or know any programming language to create a website.

You can create a website on any CMS sites like WordPress. I will update soon on a post on how to create a WordPress website with simple steps.

You can build a website cheaply now, and other Online presence like Social Media and Google My Business Pages are completely free and easy to use.

If you are not using these advantages then you are losing the big number of customers and sales.

Still not using any of these services?

it’s not yet late to start, create your online presence and share your story here.

Which was the best method you use to convert your traffic to sales?


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