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My Mission is to make understand the concepts of SEO and Bring success to Online Business and Blogs.

Top in Serps is the result of Passion and Profession; I am an SEO Analyst and I have been working in this industry for a while.


When I started my Online Journey I didn’t know anything about SEO or Blogging. During my college days,  I started my first Blog under a Tech niche. Like everyone who starts blogging, I also wanted to Monetize my Blog. I applied many online advertisement platforms and failed miserably.

Everyone just rejected my Blog and from that moment I realized that it isn’t all about just creating Contents; there was something else to be taken care off.

Then I stumbled upon the Idea of SEO and started to learn what I could. This included reading many articles and doing many Online courses. I became Passionate about Search Engine Optimization and became an SEO Analyst.

People are always doubting about making their online presence and bringing more traffic to their new website. I get requests for help and advice from a lot of people. This scenario made me realize that creating a Blog to guide the starters and those who are confused with the idea of SEO would be nice.

How can I help you?

I believe the Idea of bringing Free SEO Service to everyone. It’s the mission I am trying to execute.

You can read the Blog section of this Website to learn about SEO and other Online Marketing methods to Improve your Online presence irrespective of your website being new or old.

You can use the Contact field whenever necessary; I am always happy to help.